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      Athletics courses for kids

      Although athletics may be defined broadly as sports that require physical strength, speed and/or skill, on the Bizibuz platform it refers to activities that include track and field, road running, long distance running, javelin, high jump, racewalking and physical fitness programs. Children can engage in athletic activities from the age they can walk and offers the advantage of burning up the excess energy of toddlers to conveying a competitive edge for older children. Organized athletics date back to the Ancient Olympic Games from 776 BC with the word itself originating from the Greek word athlētḗs meaning “to compete for a prize”.

      The benefits of athletics for children include

      • encouraging an active lifestyle which establishes healthy practices for adulthood
      • enhancing cognitive development
      • improving social skills
      • physical benefits such as strengthening bones
      • protecting against future cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic diseases
      • increasing engagement levels and confidence
      • better quality sleep which improves a child’s resiliency and concentration