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      Engineering courses for kids

      Engineering is a field of study that focuses on the design, development, and construction of structures for various purposes. It involves applying scientific knowledge and mathematical principles to solve problems in an efficient way. Engineering has been around since ancient times when people used simple tools to build bridges or other structures. Today, engineering covers many different disciplines including civil, chemical, biomedical, electrical and mechanical engineering.

      The benefits of children learning about engineering are numerous. It encourages problem-solving skills as well as analytical thinking which can be applied in all areas of life. In fact, the steps of an engineering design process are broadly applicable to solving any problems: ask (identify the problem), research, imagine (ideas and solutions), plan (decide implementation steps) and finally build. Additionally, understanding the fundamentals of how things work will help children develop a better understanding of the physical world and technology which are necessary life skills.

      There are plenty of after school activities available that teach children about different aspects of engineering such as robotics clubs or building projects with LEGO blocks or K'nex pieces which are great ways to introduce basic concepts like forces and motion while also having fun at the same time. On the Bizibuz platform, engineering activities span design & technology classes, architectural classes, hands-on engineering project-based learning, and 3D printing courses.

      These types of engineering activities teach children more than principles of how the world works, but also about processes to find and implement solutions to improve the world around them. For children this may mean constructing a pulley system to bring items to their bedroom, but later in life it could mean constructing a solar power plant on the moon or designing a car battery that can lasts for thousands of kilometres. Bridges, cars, phones, computers and aircraft are all contributions made by engineers. Encourage your child to develop the skills and thought process needed to dream and invent.

      The benefits of engineering for children include

      • developing fine motor skills
      • enhancing problem solving and analytical skills
      • becoming more methodical and logical thinkers
      • improving concentration skills and patience
      • enhancing creativity
      • improving communication skills necessary to identify problems, explain solutions and guide teams through their implementation
      • developing a proactive attitude toward challenges