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      Multi-sport courses for kids

      On the Bizibuz platform, multi-sport refers to any fitness activities that encompass more than one type of sport or training. For example, cross training with a fitness instructor, combining two sports such as swimming and running training to prepare for a biathlon or the game of multi-sport itself which combines rules and skills from soccer, Gaelic football and basketball. The game of multi-sport can be played indoors or outdoors, with the aim of the gam being to score goals either by scoring with the foot in the hockey net, in the basket by hand or in the basket by foot.

      The benefits of multi-sport adoption by children are

      • enhancing cognitive development
      • improving social skills and team work
      • increasing confidence and engagement levels
      • typically building strength in core, leg and abdominal muscles
      • improving balance, posture and joint flexibility
      • protecting against future cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic diseases
      • establishing the routine of an active lifestyle for now and adulthood
      • better quality sleep which improves a child’s resiliency and concentration

      The key benefits of a multi-sport approach vs specialization in a single sport are

      • reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries
      • provide exposure to a range of sports in order to later specialize