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      Phonics/literacy courses for kids

      Phonics is the use and study of sound, spelling correspondences and syllable patterns to comprehend written words. The main focus of phonics instruction is to help beginner readers understand the linkage between letters and sounds (phonemes) so they can form letter-sound associations and recognize spelling patterns that help them develop reading skills.

      The Bizibuz platform has quite a few phonics resources for parents interested in helping their children love to read:

      • the ultimate guide to phonics which explains why parents should care about their child becoming an avid reader, describes how phonics are taught, gives helpful tips on how parents can improve their child’s early reading skills at home, and advice on what age a child can start to learn phonics.
      • ten common myths in children’s phonics learning which debunks the notion that all phonics teaching is the same, that it revolves around learning the alphabet, memorization of rules and exceptions is important, that my child will just read in their own time…and other myths.

      Phonics can be taught as early as 24 months of age when a child starts to manipulate sounds.

      Parents can assist the development of these early reading skills by sharing songs and rhymes that allow a child to further engage with sounds of language. By the age of 3.5 to 4.5 years, a child may start to recognize and understand the meaning of 3 letter words. By the age of 4-5 years, a child can be encouraged to master 4 letter words.

      The benefits of phonics for children include

      • improving spelling and grammatical skills
      • enhancing oral communication abilities
      • a quicker mastery of reading which gives them a headstart in digesting information
      • increasing engagement levels and confidence
      • increasing likelihood your child develops a lifelong love of reading with associated educational benefits
      • enhanced school preparedness