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      Primary KnowYourChild™ Tools

      Designed for primary aged children in collaboration with EdUHK academics, senior teachers from Chinese International School, Canadian International School, Literacy Asia, Kids Gallery, other teaching specialists with maths, science and gifted expertise.

      The primary KnowYourChild™ tools measure a child’s performance across a broad range of subject matter including academic and non-academic areas such as personal/social development, coding aptitude, economic/financial predilection, visual arts and musical disposition.

      Click here for a sample report

      There are 3 different tools available to a primary grade 1-3 child:

      • Maths, science & technology
      • Languages, humanities & the arts
      • Motor skills

      These tools are available in one comprehensive package for a primary grade 4-6 child.

      The Bizibuz KnowYourChild™ tools have become the market standard for the most comprehensive benchmarking of a primary aged child’s proficiencies.

      Typical test time: 10-15 mins (primary grades 1-3), 25-30 mins (primary grades 4-6)

      Testing device: desktop or laptop

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