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      Water sports courses for kids

      Water sports can refer to any water-related activities but on the Bizibuz platform it is a catchall area for water sports that are not listed under other subcategories such as swimming, sailing, surfing. This might include activities such as kayaking, caneoing, scuba diving, and snorkeling to name just a few!

      The appropriate age for a child to start these activities depends on whether swimming skills are required. For example, a child as young as 2 years can begin to enjoy kayaking and canoeing while wearing a floatation device but they are unlikely to be actively steering or paddling. It is best if the child is able to sit still and can float.

      The most common age for a child to learn to snorkel is 5-6 years when they have adequate swimming skills and can handle the mask and breathing tube.

      Typically a child will not be ready for learning scuba diving until they are at least 8 years old. Even then they will only be permitted to practice in a pool and be learning dive theory until the age of 10 when they can start training for certification. A child must be medically fit to dive, have learned safety protocols and diving principles, and be mature enough to handle the equipment and experience.

      The benefits of water sports for children include

      • encouraging an active lifestyle sets healthy routines for adulthood
      • enhancing cognitive development
      • improving social skills
      • physical benefits such as muscle and bone strengthening
      • lowering the risk of future cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic diseases
      • increasing self-confidence and engagement levels
      • better quality sleep which improves a child’s resiliency and concentration
      • fostering family bonding time